Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd. Recruit 17 New Employees for Stephenstown Industrial Lands Project

Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd. Recruit 17 New Employees for Stephenstown Industrial Lands Project

22 February 2010

Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd., Ireland's largest commercial archaeology firm has commenced work on the Stephenstown Industrial Lands Project with Fingal County Council.  This project involves archaeological excavation ahead of industrial development; and involved the recruitment of 17 additional archaeologists, consisting of 15 site assistants and 2 supervisors.

Work commenced in January this year on the 8 acre site is located to the south of Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, in land zoned for industrial development off the new Balbriggan Outer Relief Road, and will be ongoing until mid March.

Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd. will undertake full excavation of archaeological remains which are known to be present on the site as a result of previous test trenching and geophysical survey.  The purpose of the excavation on the Stephenstown Industrial Lands Project is to preserve the archaeological remains by record in advance of industrial development. 

It is anticipated that the archaeology on the site will tie in with previously recorded prehistoric and early medieval archaeology in the surrounding area, including the early medieval complex which is being preserved in situ to the south of the site.  Patricia Long, Senior Archaeologist with Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd. and Project Manager/Licenced Director for the Stephenstown Industrial Lands project said "Headland Archaeology will excavate and record all archaeological remains on the site. The results will contribute to our knowledge of the development of the Fingal area, which is known for its rich cultural heritage."

Established in 1996, Headland Archaeology specialises in projects such as the large scale excavation at Stephenstown Industrial Lands.  One of the largest archaeology firms in Europe, with a turnover of €13.6m in 2008, the Headland Group supplies services to Ireland and the UK, with offices in Cork, Galway, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  

Although Headland specialises in larger infrastructure and renewables projects, they also offer a comprehensive range of archaeological services, including specialist areas, such as field services, artefacts, environmental, geophysics, historic buildings, EIA, industrial, maritime, and military, to a broad spectrum of clients.  Their combined experience and expertise translates into a client-focused approach, minimizing risk, enabling development and delivering products and projects on time and to budget.