Marketing Consultancy

demands a mixture and blend of skillsets, which is essential to achieve maximum awareness and results in the challenging era of traditional and online media.  

Marketing Consultancy

The Fuzion multi-discipline team operating from offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland provide marketing consultancy services to clients from many different industry sectors, on a regional and national basis. 

Marketing Consultancy - The Bigger Picture

At Fuzion with our extensive experience in marketing with a solid business background we have a wider base of experience enabling a more extensive consultancy service. 

The landscape for marketing is more complex than ever before with the growing importance of digital media and we have evolved our services offering to make sure that all of our clients are in a position to take advantage of all opportunities.

We provide a comprehensive suite of marketing consulting services including business review, strategic planning, communications audit, brand consultancy, logo development, graphic design, advertising campaign planning, public relations, social media, direct and online marketing.

At all times we develop a robust plan ensuring that all parts work together achieving a synergy of effort and resources.  

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