Corporate Video Production

Fuzion with offices in Dublin and Cork offer corporate video production services, overseen by our former TV production specialist Amanda Dunleavy.

Video production is a powerful medium that connects brands and businesses with their target audience and it is one of the most flexible online and offline marketing assets that any company can own. Fuzion can create a corporate video for your organisation that tells your story in a powerful and visually compelling way, supported by testimonials, demonstrations and powerful interviews that will connect with your target audience. Whether we are creating a web, internal communication or training video it will be tailored strategically to your vision and objectives.  

We all know online presence is a marketing must these days but when we consider YouTube’s recent announcement that it receives 4 BILLION views every single day, adding a video to your offering could be just about the best investment you’ll ever make. 

A picture may be worth 1,000 words but a video is worth a 1,000,000.

Areas of Expertise

Theme • Creating a story or theme that is original, engaging and demands attention
Script • Writing a compelling script
Training • Media training all interviewees
Directing • Directing all scenes utilising a variety of locations
Effects • Integrating graphics and music
Editing • Editing for maximum impact
Distribution • Showing you how exactly to gain maximum exposure for your video